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Not only do we help identify and fill critical information gaps, we convert information into actionable insights and learnings unique to your business.

Here are some Qualitative and some Quantitative tools we’ve perfected.

Segmentation – consumer and trade targets

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We collaborate with you to develop an actionable segmentation scheme and identify target segments that are distinct, reachable, stable and profitable.


Executive interviews (IDIs)

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We capture rich, descriptive insights, uncovering the needs that motivate your organization or your customers’ behaviors and the beliefs that drive their attitudes and perceptions.

Focus groups – in person and online

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Where we uncover your customers’ unmet needs and use group dynamics to brainstorm ways of meeting those ideas.

Ideation sessions

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We convert the creative energy of a brainstorm into actionable output.

Chef Councils/Advisory Boards

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We gather insider feedback from the experts for insights, current trends, new product opportunities and ammunition for your brand or product story.

Concept screens

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From writing product concepts to testing and evaluating your market’s responsiveness to them, we help you answer if there is a potential market and whether you product meets their demands at a profit for you.

Customer marketing support

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We secure this from both secondary and primary sources to add value to your sales and marketing strategies.


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Identifying brand-positioning opportunities by seeing competitors’ strengths and weaknesses from which we craft your ownable, compelling message.

Brand tracking

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We help you customize the right measures to track the success of new marketing initiatives and diagnose course corrections.