Your brand is doing fine, thank you. The status quo is a-okay. Why fix what isn’t broken. Right? Maybe. While it’s true that your brand may not be broken, it could be getting a little ragged with age. The food culture is ever evolving, and winning brands adapt in order to succeed – it’s Brand Darwinism. Learning how to refresh your brand is critical to boosting your bottom line.

The Climate Is Changing

Adaptation is imperative in this volatile consumer environment. How people access a brand’s story as well as how they interpret and embrace it continually changes. Brand loyalty has given way to Brand Love with consumers defining themselves by the brands to which they commit. Knowing whom these consumers are and what they believe let’s marketers define the voice and attitude in which to most efficiently redefine, refresh or rejuvenate a brand’s story for increased appeal and future success.

Strategy Is Still Key

Paving a solid strategic path sets your sights to the future and keeps you from chasing random trends. A strong strategic approach can breathe new life into your brand by helping you craft a message that’s relevant and effective for today’s consumers. It’s not that you have to change your mission or even your product. It’s that, as you develop your strategy, you focus on weaving your brand into the very fabric of consumers’ lives to make meaningful, lasting connections with your target. A sound strategic approach can help ensure that, not only will you engage your core consumer, you’ll inspire them to share the love they develop for your brand. After all, research has shown that, when consumers experience Brand Love, they are inclined to share it with everyone they know and meet.

How can one rekindle brand love?

Don’t just change for change’s sake. Be true to your brand. Foodmix Creative Director Tim O’Brien shared a recent success the agency had with the reintroduction of a tried and true coffee and tea company. “The Red Diamond® brand story is steeped in a strong legacy of perfectionism, so it wasn’t the story itself we wanted to change, it was how we conveyed the story that we refreshed.” In fact, Red Diamond still touts five generations of perfectionism. But the brand voice has taken on a more contemporized tone. “Coffee and tea beverage options are exploding right now with millennials,” said O’Brien. “For these astutely message-conscious consumers, we decided to share the company’s commitment to perfection in a way that was more playful than braggadocios. The pride in heritage hasn’t changed. The way we share it makes it fit today’s sensibilities.” By doing so, Foodmix has begun creating deeper connections with the Red Diamond story in a way that is easily embraced and readily shared. As with any effective brand adaptation, the present Red Diamond brand story has created Brand Love amongst potential new customers while rekindling Brand Love with those for whom the old brand story was gradually losing its strength in today’s climate.