FoodMix Marketing Communications Powers Up Via Internal Promotions
Melanie Sawyer assumes the role of Creative Director/Writer and Jeremy Anderson takes the reigns as Associate Creative Director.

CHICAGO, Ill. (August 22, 2022) – FoodMix Marketing Communications, a leading food & beverage marketing agency specializing in helping foodservice and retail brands successfully generate Brand Love, is proud to announce two internal promotions that will further enable them to continue delivering the top-notch service they are known for. Melanie Sawyer assumes the role of Creative Director/Writer and Jeremy Anderson takes the reigns as Associate Creative Director.

Melanie has a proven track record of creating an impact, generating both publicity and sales. As a writer for several top-tier ad agencies across the country, she’s written and created ideas for Fortune 500 companies across virtually every category, including foodservice, such as McDonald’s. She’s skilled at both long and short form copy, scripts, direct response, social media, and more. Her work has garnered industry awards, including being shortlisted in the prestigious Cannes Advertising Festival. Melanie earned her BA in Journalism from The University of Minnesota.

Jeremy brings 8 years of agency experience to every word he writes. After graduating from the Chicago Portfolio School, he worked with clients ranging from McDonalds to the National Food Group. A background owning a small restaurant in Chicago for over 14 years helps give his writing an additional authenticity.

“Melanie is a born storyteller with a knack for knowing what creative will resonate with consumers and clients, and Jeremy has his finger on the pulse of the food industry,” said Sara Hagen, President of FoodMix Marketing Communications. “Moving them up in the company was the natural next step as they are both suited for stronger roles after helping to develop, lead, and execute compelling and comprehensive campaigns. Their attention to detail, love for the industry, and in-depth understanding of strategy drove our decision to have them as our top creatives. We look forward to having all of our clients’ programs enhanced by their outstanding efforts.”

Both Melanie and Jeremy will utilize their extensive experience to drive the creative campaigns for a variety of FoodMix B2B and B2C clients including Smithfield Culinary, Gills Onions, ASR Group, Red Diamond Coffee & Tea, Broaster Company, Fischer Paper Products, B&W Quality Growers, and more.

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