Keywords: Connecting the dots from brand story to SEO

Why it’s imperative to create Brand Love

Gone are the days of claim-related marketing, where shouting a claim with frequency was the norm.  Low calorie, low fat, high protein, etc. don’t inspire the way that personality attributes do.1 It’s 2022 and consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity in a brand as one of the most important personality attributes in creating Brand Love.2

Supercharging consumer behavior

So what? Why should I care about Brand Love? It’s all about creating advocacy. It supercharges consumer behaviors. According to a recent study by Foodmix Marketing Communications, 58% of Brand Lovers say, “I will go out of my way to get it.” 86% of Brand Lovers recommend it to family and friends.

This should be any food and beverage marketing agency’s focus, and why they should invest in thinkers and storytellers who understand consumer-brand relationships, mine insights, and create and tell stories to help make lasting connections with consumers and turn them into brand advocates.  Now consider SEO and the role it plays in creating brand love.


Keywords are not just for SEO. They are your brand’s story in short form.

At its core, your brand is a carefully thought out statement (story) of promises to your customer. Promises include keywords, as well as supporting imagery and creative composition, that allow the consumer to make a connection to your brand. It’s important for food branding companies to generate keywords that harken to the brand’s “why statements,” brand positioning, “tone and manner” and brand standards etc., and use them in packaging, POS, etc. Using the correct keywords can differentiate your brand from competitors and drive search engine optimization (SEO), which ultimately leads to winning at search.

Connecting the dots

As new technology and tools for reaching consumers are developed—like web properties, social media and influencer marketing—some food and beverage marketing agencies are quicker to effectively utilize these tools by using them as a way to tell their whole brand story. Over time these tools become critical to reaching your target effectively, and thus become part of everyday marketing—no less important than the “traditional” ways to reach consumers.

Whether it’s your brand’s website, various social media pages, blogs or video content, your brand’s ownable, differentiating brand persona, and ultimately your keywords, should be consistent—a unified message across platforms, where consumers have easy access to the brand.  With this level of accessibility to a company’s story/position online, brands today need to stay the course and utilize the same tone and keywords, as well as brand standards related to creative presentation across the board to tell the brand story consistently and make the connection in the mind of the target. But most importantly – to win at search!

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