Defy the Fry

There is only one Genuine Broaster Chicken. Since 1956, their unique combination of quality, flavor, and cooking speed has helped them stand alone in creating a tastier chicken. Through research, We discovered that Broaster’s uniqueness was actually hurting them in online searches. The term “fried chicken” was searched 15X more that “broasted chicken.” This insight led us to develop a campaign that inserted Genuine Broaster Chicken into the fried chicken conversation with a fun “propaganda” style messaging that encourages people to “Defy the Fry” and serve up a tastier chicken with Broaster’s revolutionary pressure fryers.




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Provocative, yet fun headlines and propaganda-inspired design are used to position Broaster as a unique alternative to traditional frying methods.

We inserted Broaster into the fried chicken conversation. We created social post to position Broaster’s new Chicken Sandwich as an alternative to the “Chicken Sandwich Wars.”

Post copy: Ever wonder if there’s more to this world than serving standardized fried chicken sandwiches? The new Broaster Chicken Sandwich is closer than you think. Reach out and touch it today. Schedule a Demo #DefytheFry #GetBroasted

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