The Buzz

Red Diamond Foodservice provides beverage program solutions based on their customers specific operational needs, demands and trends. To help Red Diamond’s partners hear exactly what their modern coffee customers really want Foodmix created “The Buzz”. Utilizing a sleek, modern look “The Buzz” gathered a diverse roundtable of highly respected coffee experts to shared their insights into the quickly changing coffee industry.


Red Diamond Foodservice


Brand Identity



As both a visual nod to a literal sound of the “The Buzz” and a subtle implications that caffeine is the buzz that kickstarts your day a “bee” icon was created to represent the “The Buzz”.

A mix of fun and vibrant colors were incorporated to help present the findings of “The Buzz” in a simple and clean modern look.

A mix of relatable imagery with fun elements of simple motion like the bee icon moving down the page add depth and animation to the website and digital elements.

A delicate blend of earthy tones were also woven in throughout to subtly reflect the actual color of Red Diamond coffee product lines.

Ready to Work