Red Gold Foods “We’ve Done the Math” 
By Melanie Sawyer

In life and in business, it’s important to choose a partner that has your back. At FoodMix, we pride ourselves on creating marketing that works hand in hand with the efforts of our clients’ sales teams to overcome obstacles. Recently, we did just that for Red Gold Foods.  

Operators of K-12 cafeterias – an important Red Gold Foods target market – face complex challenges. They need to meet stringent nutritional standards and stay within budget, all while creating meals that students will actually eat. With a vast product portfolio, Red Gold Foods has the unique ability to offer up solutions. 

We created a campaign that highlighted that strength, with materials that played off mathematical word problems. Complex scenarios spelled out various challenges faced by our K-12 operators, offering up a distinct product solution to each one. The tagline? “We’ve Done the Math.” This campaign helped arm sales reps with the tools to reassure their clients that Red Gold Foods always has their needs covered.  

The “We’ve Done the Math” campaign led the conversation around understanding customer needs, offered solutions, and moved product – all of which added up to client satisfaction.  

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