Tapping into the Next Generation of Culinary
How Marketing Inspires Culinary Creativity
Smithfield Culinary Next Generation of Chefs

By Melanie Sawyer, Creative Director

Part of the magic of marketing is its ability to inspire people. And in culinary arts – an industry that relies on inspiration – good marketing can really propel things forward. Case in point: our recent 360 campaign for Smithfield Culinary.

With “Next Gen,” we tapped noteworthy culinary students and young chefs for their viewpoints, shining a light on the future of foodservice. These up-and-comers—including one named National Student Chef of the Year by the American Culinary Federation – talked at length about their insights and demonstrated their fresh concepts in the kitchen.

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In addition to energizing chefs everywhere, it was also an opportunity for them to learn from each other. As they chatted at a roundtable discussion, they shared new ideas and inspired their peers to accelerate trends. Afterwards, they used Smithfield products to create fresh new recipes reflecting those insights.

Chef Anthony Starbeck raved, “It was such an exciting thing to be a part of. It was inspiring, informational and educational.”

Just some of the insights generated included:

* the importance of sustainability and upcycled ingredients

* the power of technology to allow local restaurants access to global recipes

* the rise of new tools and tech

* the increasing role of social media in spawning more creative, vibrant and colorful dishes

Culinary student Caitlyn Drzyzga said, “The next generation of food integrates things from all over the world. I think one of the most beautiful things about social media is the fact that everyone has access to recipes no matter where you are.”

This fresh energy paired with the wisdom of Smithfield Culinary, one of the largest suppliers of pork products for the foodservice industry, yielded an abundance of recipes and revelations – all of which paved the way for the existing culinary scene to move forward in tandem with the next generation.

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