Your Next Favorite Foods: The Tastiest Trends of the 2023 NRA Show 
By Miguel Molina – Senior Account Executive &
Jeremy Anderson – Senior Copywriter
2023 National Restaurant Show

When it came to sampling the latest and greatest in food trends at the 2023 National Restaurant Show, the team at FoodMix had a lot on its plate – literally! With so much deliciousness to see and taste, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites that you can look forward to finding on a menu near you in the not-so-distant future.  


Quite possibly the next Sriracha, this Korean food staple is ready to penetrate American food culture. With a good number of booths at the show highlighting it (both Korean and American-based companies, such as O’Food), gochujang is having a culinary moment. With its complex heat of sweet, savory, spicy and smoky flavors, gochujang is ready to become your new go-to!  

Old World Inspiration 

From pizza to cacio e pepe, the Bellavita-sponsored section in the back of the show was the best place to sample all things Italian-inspired. One might think it would be impossible to improve upon perfection, but Gran Moravia’s Parmigiano Reggiano cheese proved us wrong. Surprisingly, this salty-sweet delight is actually made in the Czech Republic using grass-fed cows. A Chicago-based Campari alternative called Misoo made waves with its version of the classic aperitif. Much like the original version of Campari (which now uses artificial dye to achieve its unique red color), Misoo uses tiny dried and crushed bugs, called cochineals, to get a natural color for its botanical aperitif.  

Out of Africa  

While the 2023 NRA show had plenty of exhibits featuring familiar favorites like Brazilian, Spanish, Italian and Latin brands, another booth featured products that highlighted the tasty flavors and cuisines of West Africa. Established in 2014, Egunsi Foods provided a sampling of soups with melon Seed, brown-eyed peas, peanut butter and the delicious West African Tomato. To capture the growing consumer demand for global flavors across the younger demographic, the brand has even begun to tap into the K-12 and C&U space.  

Mix, Match & Make 

Customization is key with coffee, bowls, etc., so why not let people be their own sauce boss? Kraft-Heinz showcased its latest innovation with its new condiment customizer that featured four base condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo and barbecue sauce). From there, additional flavors like jalapeño, chipotle, buffalo and more allow potential customers the opportunity to create an endless infusion of unique flavor combinations. This dispenser, which looks more like an all-in-one soda fountain, brings patron creativity in less than a minute. This technology would be perfect for C&U, sports venues and similar spaces! 

With an entire world of global flavor fully on display at the 2023 Restaurant Show, the FoodMix team was happy to do what we do best – get out there and explore the latest and greatest in food trends that will be sure to set the standard for the future of the food biz.  

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