Bringing Brand Love from Your Farm to Their Tables
By Jeremy Anderson & Nadine Baarstad
Brand Love from Your Farm to The Table in 2024

A lot can happen between the farm and the table. From foodservice to retail, today’s consumers want to know all about the journey their food takes to get from you to them. With so much of the population becoming more and more interested in knowing where their groceries were grown, it’s more important than ever for brands to translate the path of their products into a compelling story.

At FoodMix, we believe that creating a detailed narrative about your product’s path to purchase is a key factor in building trust that keeps your customers connected to your brand.  Not only does it help highlight brand transparency, but in our increasingly digital world where word of mouth is everything, a great farm story can simultaneously help boost engagement AND help consumers feel good about their purchasing choices. 

Gills Onions is a wonderful example of a brand that understands that growing a great story will help them yield greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Based on the simple fact that Gills promises to grow distinctly better onions, they have been able to successfully chronicle the many amazing reasons why they are able to offer onions that are always the best for their customers. From converting 100% of their onion waste into virtually emission-free energy to their industry-leading 18-day shelf life, the details of their dedication to innovation, conservation, sustainability and safety allow Gills to tell a story that their customers truly care about.  

Red Diamond Coffee & Tea is well aware of the impact a powerful sourcing story can make with their customers. By sharing the story of their long-lasting relationships with farmers from across the globe, they strongly appeal to those interested in buying ethically sourced products.  As a five-generation family-owned business based in Alabama, Red Diamond’s commitment to lift up the coffee and tea communities they work with is a story both they are proud to tell and their customers are happy to hear.  

As the world’s largest refiner and marketer of cane sugar, ASR Group literally has a “powerful” story to share. As a business built on a foundation of one the most efficient plants at converting sunlight to food and fiber, their farm-to-table sustainability story is both fascinating and inspiring. After being harvested, the sugarcane that arrives at their mills is not only used to create commercial cane sugar, but the water within the sugarcane is used in the milling process and the sugarcane fiber is used as a renewable fuel to cleanly power their operations. Additionally, the sugarcane fiber also allows them to generate a homegrown source of clean electricity for the municipal power grids within their communities. 

Ultimately, the common thread that every great farm story shares is honesty. Consumers respect authenticity and want to trust that what they are buying really is what you say it is. So don’t make the mistake of telling a story that isn’t real. From innovation to sourcing to sustainability, every farm story is different – your goal is to build on an emotional connection that resonates with your customers, so focus on what makes your farm-to-table story truly special.  

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