Chris Miller, Group Creative Director
Getting to Know the Faces at FoodMix
Chris Miller - Group Creative Director at FoodMix

Meet Chris Miller, our Group Creative Director at FoodMix. With over a year of experience at FoodMix, Chris has made a significant impact on the agency at large.

As a 35-year veteran of the advertising industry, Chris brings with him a wealth of B2C and B2B experience and a roster of industry accolades. He’s implemented dynamic and award-winning brand strategies for clients ranging from Chiquita Banana, McDonald’s, Case New Holland, and Disney.

“I’m honored to be here. It’s our job to produce meaningful work for our clients” he reiterates. “What we create is branding that needs to matter. Creative is only as strong as the strategy behind it.”

 Chris is a graduate of the American Academy of Art where he received a degree in Illustration and Advertising.

“During his time here, Chris has played a key role in elevating our clients’ brands and helping us grow Brand Love,” shares Sara Hagen, President of FoodMix.  “Adding him to the team is a decision we had zero hesitation about. He’s the right fit for us, and for our clients. We’re proud to work with him.”

Chris has played a huge role in the building of the She Brings the Heat Campaign – a story about women in the foodservice industry – which recently won an Honorable Mention in the B2B category of Sponsored Content from the Eddie and Ozzie Awards.

Beyond that, Chris has aided in winning over new clients such as PairWise and Red Gold, bringing his creative chops to the table to help create strategy that brings each brand to life.

He oversees campaigns for a variety of FoodMix B2B and B2C clients including Smithfield Culinary, Gills Onions, ASR Group, Red Diamond Coffee & Tea, Red Gold, Pairwise, Broaster Company, Fischer Paper Products, and more.

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