She Brings the Heat

In 2020, Forbes found that just 6.3% of the head chef positions at prominent US restaurant groups were held by females. As influencers in the kitchen for generations, FoodMix and Smithfield Culinary wanted to bring attention to the fact that female chefs have always brought traditions and new ideas to the table. Our goal was to show the foodservice industry that a powerful and growing movement of innovative and inspiring women chefs are leading the way forward.


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She Brings the Heat


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FoodMix Print Campaign for Smithfield Culinary
FoodMix Campaign for Smithfield Culinary
FoodMix Campaign for Smithfield Featuring Female Chefs
FoodMix Female Chef Spotlight Campaign for Smithfield Culinary

A bold, warm color palette, powerful chef imagery and rich, blistered backgrounds were established as the visual language for She Brings the Heat. These design elements hinted at the energy and “heat” of an active kitchen and were essential to the storytelling of this emotive – and important – campaign.

She Brings the Heat Campaign
FoodMix Campaign for Smithfield Foodservice

Listen to Chicago Restaurant Legend Ina Pinkney Discuss She Brings the Heat.

Chicago Restaurant Legend Ina Pinkney Discuss She Brings the Heat

Our social media campaign allowed us to engage directly with chefs and operators. In addition to providing insights and inspirations, and sharing sweeps opportunities, it generated authentic and engaging conversation that brought attention to the challenges women chefs face in foodservice settings.

Smithfield Culinary Campaign developed by FoodMix

Our digital media executions used a strategic combination of recipes, inspiration, sweepstakes and rebates to generate Brand engagement with chefs and operators.

She Brings the Heat
Sizzle in the City - She Brings the Heat
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