We turn consumers
into believers

Here in the Temple of Food, we do, in fact, condone idolatry. That is, we believe your food brand deserves all the adoration it’s sure to receive. Built from a sort of devout evangelism that embeds your brand in the hearts and minds of future acolytes. Be they B2B, B2C, or what we like to consider our unique specialty, B2B2C - with the consumer as the chief influencer - hub of all food activity. You have your mission. We are your missionaries. Enter the temple to see for yourself.

We turn appeal
into engagement

Yes, we are a bunch of pretty faces. And, yes, we make a lot of pretty stuff. But more than creating ads, we create action. Our collection of skillsets and experiences collaborate to create your brand’s story and connect it to your target audience, and to their hearts. To make it not just something they find appealing, but rather something they can’t live without.

We turn edibles
into invaluables

There are the basic food groups. Then, there’s what our clients sell. Those brands that end up defining categories. And ultimately owning them as well. How do we make it all happen? By using deep channel, consumer and food wisdom to build meaningful relationships that last. Brands that become future family heirlooms. And, for the more ardent obsessives, names of future children.

We turn shoppers
into seekers

The obliteration of parity. It’s how we turn fleeting impulses and buying trends into habitual brand loyalty. We have one foot in B2B. One foot in B2C. This keeps us grounded in both worlds. After all, the axis around which the world of B2B and B2C revolves is the end shopper. The consumer. Whether talking to operators or moms, we tell your brand’s story so consumers fall in love with it. Share it. Seek out the story’s very source.

We turn cravings
into commitments

You can settle for sales spikes. Or you can attain food category leadership. We strongly recommend the latter. In fact, we’re probably not the right people to hook up with if what you’re looking for is a quick fix. We’re in it with you for the long haul. Get used to that kind of commitment. From us, yes. But also from those who ultimately matter most, the daily influencers of your bottom line.

Like connecting old school? Reach us here: 103 West Arthur Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126 / P: 630-366-7500 / F: 630-366-7519

The temple
of food

The term "foodies." It’s cute. It’s catchy. It is NOT what we are. We are way beyond simply adding a quaint little suffix to our most treasured obsession. We’re "food disciples." "Food partisans." "Food extremists." To look at it. To smell it. To taste it. To live it. FOOD consumes US. See for yourself. Take some time to visit what we call our "Temple of Food;" home to insights, experiences, musings and meditations on all things food. And Foodmix.